Menstruation…a natural phenomena

Introduction :

World celebrates World Menstrual Hygiene day on 28th May every year. Today I am sharing some words regarding menstruation that I have gathered and observed throughout my little life.

Educational, Social, Political, Economic, Psychological empowerment begins with a good health from formative years of life

We witness everywhere about the empowerment of women but the best empowerment begins at her own home and her surrounding society. How we can be able to achieve this, by showing her right path to get educate herself and by sharing her physical and psychological well being. Indeed it is our duty to encourage her to participate in all the activities where she has interest. This will happen when she deals with good health both physically as well as emotionally.

When a girl enters into her adolescent period that is 10 to 19 years, there are series of physical, physiological and psychological changes. It seems these changes are quite challenging for her to cope with. But a co-operative family, guardians and teachers are the core to raise her strength. One of the major changes which she faces during puberty is menarche.

Menarche is the onset of menstruation,when a girl has her first menstrual period.

Menstruation is a biological process of women’s reproductive system, but we are in 21st century and the stigma related to menstruation is still alive. It is stigmatized by various sections of people and makes it a taboo, result of which a girl finds her emotionally deprived. She can’t discuss anything through which she is going on. Deprivation of education and socio-economic barriers are the ones behind the stigma and taboo. Marginalized communities of the world are the worst sufferers.

“Each time a women stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women”…Maya Angelou

Cast, religion, gender biases are some of the factors which make girls vulnerable to unhealthy life. During any kind of emergency they face extra sufferings.

WASH united came up with menstrual hygiene day on 28 th May, 2014 every year addressing many factors which are creating hindrance in women upliftment and to empower women with her menstrual health which is acknowledged globally and supported by many organizations worldwide. They focussed on raising awareness on female menstrual and reproductive health, emphasizing on education and providing sanitary pads and napkins, tampons to downtrodden portions of an area in different developing and low income countries of the world.

Most of the girls during their first menstruation are unaware about the menarche in many parts of the world. Lack of education and socio-economic barriers, awareness regarding menstruation is nil or least in some middle and low income countries according to UNICEF.

Some prevailing cultures are there where girls and women are not allowed to enter kitchens during their menstruation cycle. They are not allowed to bath. These are some of the factors which are enough to break her psychologically. Impact is what. Her overall progress is hindered drastically.

Any kind of discrimination by their surrounding environment creates anxiety and they feel shy, stressed and sometimes teased by peers. All can lead to victims of school drop out at their menarche. What can be more pathetic than this. So her family and secondly teachers have the most crucial role in dealing life. Familial emotional support, social and educational supports are the key to grow in a healthy life and the mother education is the utmost necessary as when a girl grows in a healthy way she will raise her daughter with all efforts to give a prosperous life.

Unavailability of proper sanitation, soap and water,sanitary pads ,tampons or cups can’t be afforded by poor sections of the society. They are forced to use unhygienic clothes, leaves not by their choices but by their circumstances. Indirectly this creates other health issues eg. Urinary tract infection, vaginitis,reproductive tract infections.

Awareness should be created among parents, teachers. Boys should be educated about the biological system of both the genders. Education with scientific ground is the key to succeed in creating awareness among parents, school teachers and also boys.

A few points regarding maintenance of menstrual hygiene during menstruation

1.It is advised to change sanitary pads every 4-6 hrs and tampons every 6 hrs.

2.Maintain sanitation properly while discarding the pads or tampons. Wrap in paper and throw it in sanitary bins. After disposal hands should be washed properly with soap and water.

3.There is a myth to avoid bath during menstruation among some people. But you should have a bath at least once a day.

4.It is recommended to wash the vaginal area with water after every time when you change your pad. As blood is media for many harmful bacteria that can lead to infections.

5.Don’t use any vaginal hygiene products without consulting your gynaecologist. These products may harm normal vaginal flora which may give you problems in the long run.

6.It is advised by gynaecologist to wash the vaginal area from forward directions to back, otherwise flora from anal region migrates towards vaginal area that leads Urinary tract infection, vaginitis.

7.Have a healthy diet and good sleep.

It is made accessible to the girls of adolescent age to have free sanitary napkins and pads by government and non governmental organizations of different countries of the world to assure their health. Peoples’ perspectives are changing, campaigns are going on full swing to eliminate all the obstacles in a girl’s life which she faces through menstruation.


The real empowerment will be there if women raise their voices and take action to break the stigma surrounding menstruation. If we all come forward and start raising awareness on menstruation, try to create movements at least from our typing fingers and emphasize to welcome menstruation as a beautiful sign of being woman we will be able to eradicate the lacuna and taboo relating menstruation and menstrual hygiene from its roots.

Healthy recipe

Coconut chickpea recipe and some benefits of eating coconut

Coconut chickpea recipe


Coconut is considered great in indian cuisine especially in South India. I love almost every dishes where Coconut is used. Also, my sister was insisting me to prepare a dish with coconut. So, I gave a try.

Here I come up with a recipe where coconut is the centre of attention. I made Coconut chickpea curry. When my sister tasted she found it yummy and asked me to share with you beautiful people.

Let’s take a few minutes to prepare it.


1.Grated coconut 1 bowl
2.chickpea 1 bowl (soaked overnight)
3.2 Onions
4.2 Tomatos
5.8-10 garlic cloves
6.2 chopped green chilli
7.1 tsp chopped ginger
8.1 tsp turmeric powder
9.1 tsp coriander powder
10.1/3 rd tsp red chilli powder
11.cinnamon 2 counts
12.cardamom 2 counts
13.1 tsp salt (Depends on you)

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes

1.Boil chickpea (soaked overnight) in a cooker pressure.
2.Chop 2 Tomatoes and 2 onions.
Mix chopped tomatoes, onions, green chilli, garlic cloves and ginger in a bowl of grated coconut.
3.Pour the above mentioned mixture in a jar of a mixer grinder and grind finely.
4.Switch on the stove and put a pan. Heat the pan and pour 1 tbsp cooking oil. Pour the boiled chickpeas in a pan and stirrfry after adding 1 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp corriander powder, 1/3 rd tsp red chilli powder and 1 tsp salt.
5.After 4 to 5 minutes add the finely grinded mixture into the chickpeas.
Cover the pan and increase the flame for 7-8 minutes. Remove the cover, stir them and again cover the pan for 5 minutes with low flame.
6.Now, our coconut chickpea curry is ready.
7.Pour the delicious coconut chickpea curry in a bowl and serve with either rice or chapati.

Hope you all love this coconut chickpea recipe and will give it a try.

Coconut chickpea is a plantbased recipe and it is a good choice for the vegetarians and it can also help in losing weight.

Why you should love Coconut :
Its taste, flavor and most importantly nutritious benefits. Coconut provides you nourishment in every form but eating raw coconut is more beneficial .

What are the health benefits of coconut ? A few of them I am listing from my perspective where I give concentration

1.Coconut is loaded with deitary fibre. We should eat as much as possible.
2.Coconut water is a good source of minerals, vitamin C and other vitamins.
3.Presence of antioxidants helps in reducing oxidative stress.
4.Regular intake of Coconut keeps our skin and hair healthy.It keeps you hydrated.
5.It has anti aging benefits.
6.Coconut contains healthy fatty acids. 7.Helps in reducing cholesterol level.
7.Eating raw coconut is beneficial for oral hygiene.

These are some of the health benefits of coconut as found by many researches.

Conclusion :

Hope you all will like the delicious coconut chickpea recipe and include coconut in your diet. It has lots of health benefits which we can’t ignore. A healthy dietary habit keeps you away from various diseases and deficiencies. Try to make a pleasant dietary choice and focus on building healthy habits.

Closing this post. Feel free to share your opinion and stay connected.

From med school to as a doctor

How I spent my days during the NEET PG preparation

Hello, everyone, hope you all are doing great in life.


Today I am sharing preparation days of an examination which is gateway to residency in India called NEET PG. That was an examination which ended up after 9 months of preparation with Lots of ups and downs. My tests scores were not good enough and I used to have anxiety issues. And those tiring long 10-12 hrs of classes which I joined for preparation were motivating and quite helpful. But, I used to forget a lot of things after 3-4 days despite of revisions.

Read, learn, practice and giving test one after another became the moto of life. And this was the situation for almost everyone I knew. This examination demands heavy preparation and exactly one year ago right from now I was fighting for it.

Now, you must be thinking why am I sharing these stuff? It’s because one year has already passed and luckily I got selected for the NEET PG.Persistently you need to continue and giving up should neither be an option nor a choice. Most importantly your mental health has to remain stable and excessive pressure will lead to unsatisfactory results. Don’t let your exams disturb your mental health or say peace and happiness. Take it easy. Mental health matters a lot and I myself have been through frustration which automatically gives birth to anxiety issues. Hence, I’m keeping you alert.

Generally, minor anxiety is considered normal and most of us have gone through it. It’s quite normal. But, if it continues for a longer period then it can cause mental illness. So, in that case you must be cautious enough.To keep away myself from anxiety issues , stress and to maintain my physical fitness I have also focused on a balanced daily routine. This includes

1. I made a habit of doing yoga and exercise 5 to 6 days in a week, be it morning or evening. Yoga is excellent reliever of stress.
2. Whenever I felt low or negativity engulfed my mind, I used to talk to my family members and friends
3. I used to have a sleep of 7 to 8 hrs. A good sleep is important for concentration and productivity.
4. Drinking water 1.5 to 2 litres a day is mandatory for me. Stay away from unhealthy dietary pattern like Processed and junk food that can lead to obesity and diabetes. I prefer home-cooked meal with lots of vegetables. It keeps you healthy and physically fit.
5. Deep Breathing exercise for 5 to 10 minutes was quite helpful for me. Till now I do it.
6. Two cups of green tea or black tea in a day was beneficial too.
7. Also I engaged myself in cooking as I love to cook. It gave me refreshment to study mindfully. So, try to find out which hobby gives you relaxing feeling and give a few minutes for it
8. If you can go for a morning or evening walk for at least half an hour then it may refresh you both inside out.

I am not a mental health expert but sharing these minor issues which I have faced to give you a sense of awareness on our mental well-being.

And, the crises of covid-19 compelled me to feel that we human beings are so fragile in front of the nature and its rules. We are so vulnerable. Now, I’ve realized that I could have worry less about my preparation. I could have enjoyed life a little more in a healthy way. So, be happy wherever you are and have fun. Love and try to find beauty in everyday life. Don’t force anything to take place. We never know things may change at any point.


Focus on your healthy habits and try to improve your emotional well being so that you can live a prosperous life, both mentally and physically. A healthy journey can easily begin if you choose to have healthy thoughts.
Stay connected and feel free to share your opinion.

The secret of health for both mind and body is…live the present moment wisely and earnestly-Gautam Buddha

Healthy recipe



Ramdan is going on and it is incomplete without dates. Here I have come up with a healthy cookie where dates are the center of attraction. Every ingredient have unique role in this cookie. But I will be focusing on dates. As this month is especial for them.

Healthy habits that we built are the treasures

Preparation time :20 minutes

This cookie is awesome snack for Ramadan. During night we can have 2 or 3 cookies with a cup of tea or coffee. Other than Ramadan we can make it and store for a few days to have a healthy snack.
As earlier I stated will be focusing on dates so here are some health benefits of dates.

.Great source of fibre. Helps in digestive system and keeps gut healthy.
.Storehouse of iron, excellent for those with anaemia.
.Provides instant energy .
.Good for bone health.
.Good check on LDL cholesterol level. Thus, it maintains BP which ultimately helps in heart functions.
.Loaded with antioxidants ,immunity booster, has anti-inflammatory potentialitis.
.Dates also help in keeping healthy and tonned skin.

Scientists have found many more health benefits, I have highlighted a few so that we can easily remember. It is one of my favorite cookies. Hope you all include in diet 4 to 5 dates each day and will give a try to make this cookie. Though it has good nutrients value but caution should be taken or should eat in moderation who are diabetic as it may increase blood sugar level.


Healthy living start with healthy eating is the sole purpose for healthy journey. Stay healthy, fit and happy. Stay connected.

Nature and health

The nature in front of my home rejuvenating my thoughts

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”-William Wordsworth


How peaceful it is ,being seated in the balcony and enjoying the view in front of my home. The red flowers, green leaves and the trees are breathing with eagerness for summer. The birds are chirping amidst, showing their gratitude towards changing season. It seems they are enjoying more than me and welcoming the summer with warmth. Watching them and their happiness my mind find a little more tranquility.

I was staring at the view and thoughts were coming one by one. Before this situation of covid-19 I missed to spend a few minutes in greenspace regularly . On the contrary, whenever I try to give a little time to walk a few steps or sit in front of greenary, spurt of relaxation appears in my mind. There is a unknown happiness knocked at my heart. And all of a sudden, my mind had flown to years back…

Childhood with grandma amidst nature:

The golden days of my childhood which flew like butterflies was quite connected with nature. Those by gone days were part and parcel of my village life. My happiness knew no bounds when we came to our grandma’s home. Morning walk with my grandmother,with a small basket in my hand. Her vegetables’ garden is still alive in my heart.She picked up some vegetables and I collected those in my basket. That lovely feeling I can’t compare with anything. She is no more in this world, but the memories with her are cherished to be forever.

Evening was filled with fun with my cousins . Playing in the paddy field was mandatory. How can I forget those big big ponds. Sitting in front of ponds and fishing by hook along with my cousins. Those tiny tiny moments are irreplaceable.

Nature and its healing power:

As I was growing the connection with nature gradually decreased without my will. Now I am realizing more in these days we should feel blessed that there is nothing more soul soothing than behavior of nature. It has marvelous effect to boost our mind. It’s stress releasing power is incomparable. There are times when we get exhausted after daily work breathing in the environment gives us a sense of freshness.

As stated by Hippocrates “Nature itself is the best physician “

Lots of evidence based researches are there regarding the connection between health and nature. A little engagement with natural environment and it’s fresh open air has tremendous effect on our mental well-being. People from all ages have been found to be benefited from when they devoted some time to the nature.

Fast growing urbanization or any other cause of modernization has effected today’s childrens’ directly or indirectly. Maximum time of the day spend at home or indoor. They are becoming more dependent on electronic gadgets for their recreation time. Consequences of which their overall health is degrading in a silent manner. They are becoming more emotionally unstable. Outdoor playing helps in physical as well as emotional well-being. It provides calmness, patience and helps in building overall personality.

In this period of Covid-19 crisis, I can’t say go and play outside. But this situation force me to think deeply about the facts. In a effective way how all the children can spend their time. We should focus on that. They can inculcate themselves in creative work like gardening, drawing, cleanliness. Parents and guardians have the role and should take it seriously.


How the natural view revert me to childhood, brought random thoughts. Ended up with the relationship between nature, environment, human beings and most importantly how a person’s overall health from childhood controlled by nature.

“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles “-Mary Davis

Fruits and health

Childhood nostalgia with papaya and it’s health benefits

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”-Robert Urich

Whenever I see a papaya my mind feels the smell of childhood nostalgia with papaya . I used to not attracted by papaya and it’s smell during my childhood . Though often my mother told to eat a small amount because of it’s health benefits ,I found tasteless and overlooked it .As I was growing gradually my perspective change towards the nutrients loaded papaya. Started eating it, loving it as a ripe fruit also in curry form if raw.

Sometimes I like to make a smoothie and have it .When time does not allow I chop it and eat. After refrigeration I find it a little more tasty and sweet smelling. We can have it as a snack also between lunch and dinner.

We all heard about it’s health benefit. But now I can realize in a better way because most of the time I include it in my diet.

There are several studies suggesting health benefits of papaya. I am sharing some of them so that we add it in our diet to keep ourselves healthier.

1.Papaya contain an enzyme papain helps in our digestion and people who are often suffers from constipation papaya is there for them.

2.Beta carotene and lycopene found in papaya prevents us from vitamin A deficiency and the diseases which occurrs from vitamin A deficiency.

3.helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol due it’s fiber content.

4.For diabetics it is good for maintenance of glycemic index .

5.Presence of antioxidants helps in reducing oxidative stress for elderly people.

6.It is a potent source for them who are in weight reduction plan.

7.Papaya also keeps our skin healthy and tonned.

There are many more health benefits of papaya but I have written a few points. As I personally feel it is easier to remember when volume is small.

But pregnant women should avoid it as lot of research suggests it can cause first trimester miscarriage .Some people may experience allergy due to papain. A little carefulness can prevent them.

At last what I can say that we should nurture ourselves with a spirit to have more fruits in our daily lives .As a healthy journey begins with a healthy habit.

Healthy recipe

Feel healthy with a bowl of warm soup



Vegetables with their different colors always attract me a lot towards them. I find it fascinating. When you have your own garden with vegetables gives you a feeling of refreshments. Today I pick some of them and try to create a new soup .

A well balanced diet should have ample amount of green leafy vegetables. We should add them in our daily meal .Considering them as medicine we can prohibit ourselves from many diet related diseases and deficiencies. When it requires to eat veggies it’s a tendency for most of us to become reluctant. Consequence is we loss to taste many nutrients veggies . Further we develop some vitamins and mineral deficiencies.

Few words regarding health benefits of vegetables

1.Essential source of different vitamins , minerals , nutrients to meet the body’s daily dietary requirement.

2.As they are rich source of fibre so improves our gut functions.

3.Research suggests that if we eat them regularly ,there is lower risk of some diseases which are very prevalent today’s world. Type 2 diabetes ,Cardiovascular diseases like stroke ,hypertension are some of them.

4.Also it has been found that daily intake of them prevents some form of Gastrointestinal system cancer.

5.Antioxidants ,vitamins are essential for our immune system and vegetables are storehouse of them.

Let’s start preparation of our healthy soup now:

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes

Cooking time :10-15 minutes

Ingredients :
1.Asparagus bean /snake bean/long bean-Chopped 1 small bowl.

2.Cherry tomato-1 small bowl
3.Chopped 1 potato
4.Chopped 1 onion

5.Garlic clove 7-8

6.Chopped capsicum-1

7. Coriander and curry leaves
8.Half cup of chopped cabbage
9.Salt as required amount
Directions : It is really simple . After mixing all the veggies just boiled for 8 -9 minutes and blend them together. Then cook for 5-6 minutes adding required amount of salt. And our green soup is prepared. Pour it in a bowl .

Starting the day with bowl of soup loaded with veggies compliment your day .Gives you feeling of fullness and keeps you hydrated . This kind of soup is a good dietary choice for kids and elderly. Hope you all people may like this idea of soup ,will give it a try .

Healthy life begins with healthy eating. Keeping that in mind we should eat more vegetables.

Healthy recipe

Oatmeal breakfast

Well, having breakfast with your family is amazing and satisfaction is more when it is prepared by yourself.

Today I have made a simple oat meal loaded with some fruits and dry fruits. A lot of us include oatmeal in our breakfast and it is one of my favorite. Let’s take a few minutes to prepare it.

Ingredients :

Preparation time -10mints

One bowl oat

One cup of milk
Two banana
One pomegranate
Grapes one small bowl

Dates- 4to5

Raisin one tbsp
Cashew -2to3
Directions : A bowl of oat has soaked overnight in one cup of milk .In the morning I add chopped banana, small amount pomegranate. Mix with 4 to 5dates along with one tbsp raisins,a few cashew. With them having some fresh grapes gives feeling of fullness.
Now a days what we often witnessed , I try to pen down on those with a couple of words. As we are overburdened with our daily work, skipping meal and relying on an outlet is becoming our habit. Not having nutritious food and also home cooked meal is one of the leading cause of the term lifestyle diseases . Diabetes, Heart diseases like CAD(Coronary artery disease) , childhood and adult obesity are on the top list. To prevent them in a effective way a wholesome breakfast or a meal is utmost important. You just need to give 15 to 20 minutes from your 24 hrs to prepare it.
We all know some of the benefits of oatmeal though I highlighted a few. Oatmeal has the ability to keep our lipid profile in balanced state by reducing LDL cholesterol and has a good check on HDL cholesterol. In diabetics it maintains glycemic index and it improves blood sugar level .Having high dietary fiber it keeps you full for long time ,so those who are on weight loss journey can add it as a constant meal in their diet. Antioxidants and other nutrients makes it a good meal so we can keep a eye on it on regular basis.

Hope you people may like the meal and words of health tips. This is is the first culinary article I have written and posted in my blogger journey.

Thank you for stopping by.